Money Talks, Bullshit Walks 笨蛋講錢

可能係得既 但成果係不似預期

Money Talks, Bullshit Walks

Means that cheap talk will get you nowhere, while money will persuade people to do as you like.
To all people “boss” who wants free labour/ asking why results not matching with expectations. You missed the money part and that’s why you never achieve things.
To kind hearts who reading this: avoid those cheap cheap people.

Money is important and precious
We should treat them good
Need not mean to be counting on everything
We need a rational mind to use it.

Rude Questions about money
To most people, they always overcome this question
How much money you make?
I don’t mind telling normally but when someone like to press or insult you to get their answer, I won’t tell them.

When people discussing money non-stop on a date, it annoys me
Don’t always ask your friends “how much is this”
I experienced that friends asking how much on everything I bought, like checking out all my bags and outfit.
Asking how much on whatever activities I joined.
Sometimes I don’t think its rude, but its not something I always want to mention on a date.

Rudest and Stupidest Question
Asking people doing business the cost of their product.
It is not even legit asking your business partners about their cost.