Lazy Harp Seal


cheers harp seal

Harp seal are not just known to be lazy! Tho they are famous with the song Lazy Harp Seal Has No Job…view the song here:

Know more about harp seal:

Do you know harp seal’s coat changes along his life cycle? They are only fluffy white at their young age!

Born in the spring on ice packs, harp seal pups go through 6 life stages:

Yellowjacket: Newborn pups with white fur tinted yellow from placental fluid are born weighing about 24 lbs. and measuring almost 3 feet long.

Whitecoat: After a few days, the yellowish tint disappears, and the pups have a fluffy white fur coat. They nurse on their mothers high-fat milk (containing about 45% fat) and triple their weight to over 75 lbs. in about 12 days. Mothers recognize their pups in the herd by their smell.

Ragged/Raggedy Jacket: After the pups are weaned at about 2 weeks of age, they start to moult in patches, leaving a dense silver-grey fur with black spots. The pups do not eat after being weaned until they begin to swim and find food on their own. This can take six weeks.

Beater: After about 18 days, the harp seal’s white coat is completely moulted. They start to learn how to swim by beating the water with their front flippers, leading to the name ‘beaters’.

Bedlamer: Immature seals were given this name in the 15th or 16th century by the Basque and Breton settlers in the Strait of Belle Isle. The term comes from the French ‘Betes de la mer’ (Animals of the Sea).

Adult: Males reach maturity at about 7-8 years of age. Females reach maturity at about 4-6 years of age.

Harp seals spend relatively little time on land and prefer to swim in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

They can remain submerged for up to 15 minutes.


Polar cod, capelin, herring, halibut, small crabs, shrimp


Handmade HK Sunday Market & 王敏德 Michael Wong – Airways Of Love

Washabili blast Discovery Bay with love of new song from Micheal Wong- Airways of Love.

We had a blast at the sunday market hold by Handmade Hong Kong on 8th March 2015.

This video included some footage of that day. I wanted to show you some interesting local startups I found in the sunday market, yet didn’t have enough time to visit every stall to record video. So I only included the local honey producers that I found them cool bringing the real bees to the house. They are ForME HONEY and Bee’s Nest Pure Honey.

You may find yourself in this video. Comment below and say hi!

Music in this video:
Airways of love- Micheal Wong (in X1.5 speed)

Please also see the parody from FACEPALM, which they did a great job and even got credits from Micheal and HK local media Apple Daily.

Airways of love facepalm Micheal wong


Poker Face Washabili?

There are friends wanted to know if washabili have different face expression except his normal poker face.

Poker face= A face on a person that shows no emotion, often called poker face because in the game of poker it would be foolish to show any emotional traits that might screw the game for you.

People ask if washabili not feeling satisfied with the happenings around him.

Indeed not, its just his poker face, he don’t like to show exaggerated emotion. You can see his emotional changes if you are good friend of him.


bear emotions-01


From left to right:

1. Feeling speechless that you kissed him!

2. Hehe I’m not going to tell you bad gal

3. Sleepy bear…ZZZ

4. Overjoy. Thanks for the green tea ice cream treat!

Banana Watch? It’s Edible!



食品商Dole遂研發「可穿戴香蕉」(wearable banana),為東京馬拉松的選手增添動力



拿!這條可食用兼可穿戴的智能香蕉,係勁過蘋果Apple Watch既

不過呢, 其實成件事仲要試驗中亦可能只係一個gag


1. 香蕉手錶

Banana Watch

banana watch



Washabili trying on the banana watch. Sadly, he got no fingers to tap on the screen..

banana watch-01


2. 香蕉裙


Banana Dress

It could a dress. Yes, you run in a banana dress with real banana sticking on top of the banana. He could eat them during the race! The banana would pop up when it sense that you are lack of energy and alert you to eat it. It actually function like the toaster!


banana dress-01




Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 1.17.48 pm


You can go to their website and tweet them. I tweeted my name to show my support. haha.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 1.21.39 pm

The next revolution in fruity wearables has arrived, and it’s not the Apple Watch! Here’s my first look at the all-new Dole Wearable_Banana, a fitness tracker that tastes good too!
Japan’s largest city marathon is TOKYO MARATHON.
Dole has been sponsoring this race every year since 2008, supporting the runners with their delicious and nutritious bananas.
And now 2015,
Dole has created an amazing new banana…
The Wearable_Banana !
This is no regular banana!